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Learn more about the future of GrainBridge.
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GrainBridge for FFA

Tools in The Classroom

GrainBridge, a Nebraska-based company that specializes in web-based agriculture risk management tools, has partnered with multiple Farm Credits across the United States to provide a live, interactive web-based solution at no cost for educators and students in the agri-classroom.


We are committed to providing agri-educators with the necessary tools to simplify the instruction of the basics in Risk Management and generate excitement for the agricultural industry in the classroom. Students in this outreach walk away with a better understanding of how to manage risk from pre-planning to the point of sale using live market data.

Students Will

  • Develop an understanding of key factors that attribute to crop and livestock plans.
  • Develop skills to determine profitability considering current market prices.
  • Be able create reports showing profit and break-even targets compared to current market prices.
  • Learn efficient ways to manage profitability in volatile markets.
  • Have a real world feel of the cash grain market through the use of a grain elevator simulation.
  • Gain a broader exposure to risk management through the use of futures and options.
  • Be able to explain the types of crop insurance and the value of each.
  • Learn to stress test their virtual farms and ranches using multiple events and scenarios that affect net profitability.

Thank you to our Outreach Program Partners

GrainBridge in the classroom


GrainBridge is a great tool for my students to use to apply risk management software and technology to the problems they would already been doing in my classroom. It makes them see the real world application of grain management using 21st century skills to carry out their tasks. I would recommend this software for use in any classroom whether you are already teaching this subject or are new to it.

Sarah DeBour Tall Corn FFA Advisor

Thank you to Farm Credit Services of America and GrainBridge for offering this curriculum. Not only has it helped cut down on a teacher's prep time and enhance technology, but it allowed students to have a better idea of crop production planning and risk management!

Cole Blomendahl Lakview FFA Advisor

GrainBridge site has allowed for students to use real world applications and information to simulate a farming enterprise. I am excited about the continued use of the site in the Rock Valley Agriculture Education Department.

Micah Weber Rock Valley FFA Advisor
Sarah DeBour Tall Corn FFA Advisor
Cole Blomendahl Lakview FFA Advisor
Micah Weber Rock Valley FFA Advisor

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