GrainBridge Launches New Grain Marketing Product for Farmers

September 16, 2020 • Mark J.

GrainBridge Launches New Grain Marketing Product for Farmers

Today, GrainBridge is excited to launch a new product, focused on giving farmers a complete picture of their grain position. Give it a try by going here.

Initially, the product brings together transaction information—contracts, scale tickets, and settlements—from our launch partners, ADM and Cargill. This is the first application in which transaction info from two different grain buyers will be available on the same platform, instead of having to go to two different logins or call your buyer. GrainBridge brings it all together into one, simple interface.

If you sell to ADM or Cargill—or both—you need GrainBridge.

Other features include:

  • View local cash bids map—allows farmers to see bids from local grain buyers
  • Check on market prices without leaving the GrainBridge site—view futures and options prices for commodities traded on an exchange
  • Avoid lines by looking up wait times—each ADM and Cargill location have the ability to display wait times
  • Go-to application for ADM and Cargill facility information—allows users to easily see hours, alerts, announcements, staff and facility contact information and discount schedules.
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GrainBridge has a 13-year history in helping farmers market grain more effectively. The original GrainBridge product centered on Risk Management with a user base predominantly made up of grain marketing advisors. We’re renaming this product “GrainBridge Advisor". We’ll be making a number of enhancements to that product and integrating it more deeply with GrainBridge to help farmers market their grain more confidently and improve profitability. Don’t worry if you’re a current user: GrainBridge Advisor is only going to improve.

Another outcome of this release is that ADM will be sunsetting their FarmView application, making GrainBridge the preferred way to get documents, bids, and wait times from ADM. If you're a FarmView user, we made it easy to link your ADM account to GrainBridge and all of your information will be there. There’s no additional work for you to transition information from one system to another.

If you are a grain buyer and would like to be on the GrainBridge platform, come talk to us. Integration is straightforward and we’re willing to help onboard you. Best of all, being on the platform is free. Our goal is to provide value to farmers, not charge you exorbitant prices.

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Finally, a note about data. We take data privacy very seriously here at GrainBridge and have architected our platform from the ground up with the latest technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to protect your data. We will never sell your data or share it without your permission.

Please check us out at and let us know what you think.

Give us a follow on Twitter to keep up with the latest GrainBridge news. Also, if you’re interested in working at GrainBridge to develop the next generation of grain marketing tools, we’re hiring.

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