GrainBridge Launches SMS Notifications for Scale Tickets

October 23, 2020 • JC H.

GrainBridge Launches SMS Notifications for Scale Tickets

With the launch of GrainBridge in September 2020, growers gained the ability to view both transactional documents and cash bids from multiple buyers on a single platform. If you haven't already, create your GrainBridge account at

In October 2020, GrainBridge launched scale ticket notifications as an additional feature. Scale ticket notifications, also referred to as a “delivery ticket,” give the grower the ability to be notified via SMS, when a delivery ticket hits the GrainBridge platform. When a grain delivery is made, the information in the buyer’s system is typically updated in real-time. This data is then sent to GrainBridge where the grower can opt-in to receive these notifications. This is the first of many types of notification features to come and proves that GrainBridge is committed to delivering value for our users.

We are nearing the end of harvest but the activity of delivering grain is still in full tilt. With prices up, growers are looking for the most opportune time to deliver.

So why are scale ticket notifications so important?

  1. There is a need for the grower to know the specific specs on each load; moisture being the primary. The grower can use the information within the scale ticket to manage deliveries so that they can get the best average moisture for the whole contract. Scale ticket notifications will provide the grower a more real-time view into deciding to continue deliveries out of the current bin/field or switch a bin/field that has drier corn. Optimizing the delivery activities for average moisture on the contract will ensure they can maximize the value of their grain
  2. For growers hiring out the delivery of their grain, GrainBridge Scale Ticket Notifications keep the grower updated on what grain was delivered to what buyer in what quantity and value and when.
  3. Paper tickets can get lost or misplaced. GrainBridge notifications conveniently notify the grower when the ticket is processed and provides a deep-link back to the document they wish to see.

GrainBridge is empowering growers to market grain with confidence. The primary focus in the near term will be expanding upon the notification capability. In addition to incorporating email and in-app notifications, GrainBridge will also be adding a feature that enables a grower to set a basis and/or cash price notification based on the grower’s target.

Check us out at to create your GrainBridge account.

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